JPA Buddy is a free IntelliJ plugin with
a few options available in the paid version


JPA Buddy is a standard IntelliJ plugin, which can be installed from your running IntelliJ.
Follow Preferences → Plugins →
search “JPA Buddy“ → Install
Or, simply, make sure your IntelliJ is running, then click the button below:

Jetbrains Marketplace

What's paid?

Starting with version 6.0 (ETA is in late November, 2021), JPA Buddy provides free and paid functionality.
Most of its features stay free, including all visual designers for entities, Spring Data repositories, SQL and Liquibase changelogs. However, some features are available only under commercial license, e.g. differential migration scripts generation. Find comparison for free and commercial versions below.
1 month
1 year
1 month
1 year


Right tools save a lot of time. We offer very affordable pricing and believe that a few dollars a month will pay off in a couple of days with JPA Buddy.

JPA Buddy remains free for students and academic use (teachers, students, classroom assistance) as well as training courses, coding schools and bootcamps. Also, we offer 50% discount for universities, educational and non-profit organizations.
Features Comparison Free Commercial
Entity Designer
Creating new entities
Creating and editing attributes, associations, indexes, lifecycle callbacks, named queries, constraints
Generating proper equals, hashCode and toString
Coding Assistance
Code inspections checking validity of entities
Code inspections ensuring safe use of Lombok
A vast set of code generation actions available via hotkeys and quick-fixes
Spring Data JPA
Creating new repositories
Generating queries using visual constructors
Extracting JPQL from derived method queries
Generating projections
DB migration with Liquibase
Coding assistance and autocompletion
Visual designers for Liquibase changelogs
Generating differential changelogs by comparing DB to DB
Generating differential changelogs by comparing model to DB
DB migration with Flyway and SQL
Visual designers for Flyway migrations and SQL scripts
Generating differential migrations by comparing DB to DB
Generating differential migrations by comparing model to DB
Reverse engineering [Incubator]
Features in the Incubator are in the active development phase, with major improvements and changes planned in the nearest future. These features will remain free until they are complete. After that, they can become either paid or free, depending on the feature.
Generating entities from DB tables
Free while
in the Incubator
Adding attributes to existing entities based on DB columns Free while
in the Incubator