The most advanced IntelliJ plugin for managing your JPA data model and beyond

  • Hibernate
  • EclipseLink
  • SpringData
  • MapStruct
  • Lombok
  • Liquibase
  • Flyway
  • Create JPA entities and data-related objects fast
  • Easily manage database migration
  • Generate entities from existing tables in the database
  • Make sure your code will not fail at runtime
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Vlad Mihalcea
JPA Buddy is a perfect tool for anyone working on data-centric applications. In fact, you can develop an entire CRUD application or a simple microservice by spending nearly zero time writing boilerplate code!
Eugen Paraschiv, the author of, most rated Spring and JPA expert, co-author of JPA Buddy

Most loved features

JPA Buddy provides an easy start for new developers and speeds up the development process for more experienced ones. It also guides both kinds of developers to follow the best practices of working with JPA. Use visual designers and rich code generation capabilities to make it easier to work with Hibernate, EclipseLink, Spring Data JPA, MapStruct, Lombok, Liquibase and Flyway.
Use intuitive wizards to work with JPA entities more efficient
  • New entity generation
  • Basic attributes and associations
  • Manage indexes and constraints
  • JPA lifecycle callbacks
  • Named Queries
  • Hibernate Event Listeners
  • Utility methods: equals/hashCode, toString
  • Lombok Support
  • Kotlin Support
  • Entities hierarchical view
Make sure your data model follows best practices with smart inspections
  • Find the right fix if your entity is incorrect
  • Check that your Spring Data repository is correct
  • Generate Spring Data repository methods right from your entity
  • Detect possible issues using Lombok annotations
  • Use shortcuts to become extremely productive
  • Make sure you use only the best performing mapping declarations
Use Spring Data JPA with pleasure
  • New repositories generation
  • Convenient wizard for derived and JPQL queries generation
  • Extract JPQL queries from derived methods to keep your code clean
  • Spring Data projections wizard
  • Build EntityGraph for repository methods
Save time and efforts on database versioning by automatic generation of Liquibase changelogs and Flyway migrations
  • Differential scripts generation
  • Generating scripts for DB scratch initialization
  • Use smart preview to make sure your differential scripts will not fail on update
  • Generate differential scripts into the existing file
  • Convenient view for Liquibase changelogs structure
  • Flyway callbacks in SQL and Java
  • Edit Liquibase changelog with autocompletion for tables and column names
Generate JPA entities from the existing database tables and views
  • Generate JPA entities from the existing database tables and views
  • Generate attributes into the exiting entity from table columns
  • Support for references that are not backed with a column: OneToMany, OneToOne, ManyToMany
Create DTOs and mappers from JPA entities (DTO Generator)
  • Generate DTOs from JPA entities
  • MapStruct Support
  • Generate DTOs from unresolved references
Convert entities into DDL statements (DDL Generator)
  • Generate DDL by Entities
  • Append DDL statements into the existing .sql file
  • Resolve validation fails issue right from the stack trace
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The team behind JPA Buddy highly appreciates any feedback and ideas, as it helps us to further improve JPA Buddy. It is a FREEMIUM IntelliJ plugin, so give it a try and share your thoughts!

JPA Buddy is a joint effort of:

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Eugen Paraschiv, the author of, most rated Spring and JPA expert
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Creators of CUBA Platform (now Jmix) - an open source framework and tools for enterprise software development
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