Create JPA entities and data-related objects fast. Easily manage database migration. Make sure your code will not fail at runtime.

JPA Buddy is an advanced plugin for IntelliJ IDEA intended to simplify and accelerate everything related to JPA and surrounding mainstream technology.

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Vlad Mihalcea
JPA Buddy is a perfect tool for anyone working on data-centric applications. In fact, you can develop an entire CRUD application or a simple microservice by spending nearly zero time writing boilerplate code!
Eugen Paraschiv, the author of, most rated Spring and JPA expert, co-author of JPA Buddy


convenient visual designers icon
Use convenient visual designers for promptly creating and editing JPA entities, Spring Data JPA repositories and manage database migration
Utilize a full set of JPA icon
Generate boilerplate and utility code around JPA in a few clicks: indexes, validations, toString(), Hibernate types, JPA converters, equals()/hashCode()...
Define preferred code-conventions icon
Define preferred code-conventions so that all project participants follow the same rules keeping source code clean and uniform
Use data-centric view icon
Take a data-centric look at your application. Intuitively navigate across the data model and data-related objects. Visually drill it down and up
Boost your productivity icon
Minimize time on debugging and searching through the documentation by following specialized inspections and smart quick fixes
Easily generate Liquibase migration scripts icon
Click a few buttons to generate Liquibase changelogs or Flyway migrations directly comparing your data model with a reference database. Smart system of script generation ensures safe database migration
Benefit from specialized support icon
Specify your custom types mapping for update scripts generation and create truly cross-database migration scripts
Target search icon
Follow smart inspections to make sure you use JPA right and your code will not fail at runtime
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JPA Buddy is a just-released product and the team highly appreciates early adopters. It is a FREE IntelliJ plugin, so nothing can stop you to check it out and share your feedback and ideas

JPABuddy is a joint effort of:

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Eugen Paraschiv, the author of, most rated Spring and JPA expert
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Creators of CUBA Platform - an open source framework and tools for enterprise software development
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